A Look Back At Old Capitols

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A Look Back At Old Capitols

This will be the first in a series of “look backs” as I post some of my favorite posts, articles and memories from our three years of blogging during this, our birthday month.

THINGS for your home

taken from River Region Magazine September 2008


Something Old

Local writer and attorney Jeff Barganier waxed poetic as he shared the story of his unique coffee table…
“I used to gaze up at those beautiful Ionic capitals atop gleaming fluted columns and yearn for a closer look. Not anymore. A stunning Greek capital beautifies my living room—as a coffee table. Old salvaged capitals are extremely rare.They’re not only difficult to remove, but salvagers also face prohibitions against demolition of historic structures. My Greek ‘Erectheum’ capital measures 32
inches wide by 45 inches long and 18 inches high.Although significantly
weathered, it features ample detail including ‘egg and dart’ ornamentation at the abacus and base, lots of beading and enlarged Ionic scrolls or ‘volutes.’
I’m not sure where it originated. According to our sources,it was salvaged from an old building in Huntsville.When I brought it home, its original finish was peeling and moss was growing from surface crevices. Rather than clean it up, I
placed a great looking piece of glass on it just as it was. The downside to owning one of these fantastic artifacts is that they are very, very heavy. Two really
strong men can handle it (but I do not care to be one of them.) On the other hand, it is a thing of incomparable beauty that will last forever and appreciate in value. Not a bad conversation-starter either.”

End note: He got major brownie points from wifey for this find. I have been asked several times if I would sell it. I can’t bear to. 

What is your favorite find? Share!

Cindy Barganier
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