A Martha Moment

A Martha Moment

I was in my happy place this weekend.



The mountains of North Carolina are always calling my name. Sometimes I just have to have a “fix.” Lucky for me our sweet friends, Jobie and Susie, who manufacture our upholstery line invited us to spend the weekend with them at their mountain retreat.


It is so beautiful.



Their children have dubbed it “the sleep house” because at night it is pitch dark and with all of the windows thrown open the rushing stream makes it impossible to hold your eyes open. Just what I needed after a long week.

It was 70 degrees when we arrived. Perfect.


Why you ask was this a Martha Moment? I’m getting to that. The next morning Jobie said he wanted to take us to their farm. We were hoping the blackberries would be ripe. This is where the adventure/educating of Cindy began.


We unloaded the dogs and everyone was handed a bucket.

“Where do we pick?” I asked?

“Anywhere on the mountain you can find a bush with berries,” came the reply.

hmmm That meant I was on my own with the snakes. Time to put on my big girl panties.



Not bad for a city girl.


But then it got to be fun. Jobie explained that his grandmama taught him to add a few green apples to the berries and you could make jelly without parafin. The apples make it gel. I had no idea there was an entire orchard just around the bend. ( I know, I can’t believe I am letting you see me like that either. haha)


and peaches



and grapes




the muscadines and scuppernongs were not ready

This is a kiwi vine… never knew what one looked like.


One of my few memories of my little granddaddy was going into the orchard with him and picking fresh fruit right off the tree and eating it.  There is something very sacred almost about that experience. And nothing tastes better.


As we headed back to the car with our bounty, we passed the foundation of the old homestead,


and I asked about the awesome old barn.



Look at that ancient wood


This was one of those moments that just makes you shake your head. Remember, we had just been in Atlanta installing my fabric line in the new showroom.

“Jobie, tell me about this old barn.”

“Oh, that’s where they used to weave fabric.”

Say what!!! Yep. They raised sheep and they would bring the sheep in under the barn, sheer it, card and spin the wool then take it upstairs and weave the cloth. The old loom is still up there.

It just has to make you smile.

Up tomorrow….. jelly making the old fashion way!

You don’t want to miss the aroma. I really was pretending to be Martha for a day.

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Cindy Barganier
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