And Then There Was July!

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And Then There Was July!



I have been honored and amazed by the number of people who are asking, “When are you going to do another post? We want to know what is going on!”

You guys are awesome.

Well, May brought the end of the Watercolor  jobs and June was demolition month. We did a complete demo of the kitchen in Union Springs and the kitchen in Wetumpka and started rapidly moving on the renovation of the house in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to that we started new projects in west Alabama and Enterprise, Alabama and hosted the first annual “Gigi Camp” for the grands.

I will share with you some of the demo pictures and then give sneak peeks into what is to come very shortly.

First, a quick trip to Union Springs, Alabama…


“hmmm… whatever do you suppose is behind this very strange soffitt?”

Only one way to find out!


 “Wait! Who is that crazy man knocking holes all over my kitchen???”

tee hee, That would be the awesome, wonderfullness of Mark Reese, owner of Grace Fabrications and creator of some of the most fab kitchens in the southeast.

Pay close attention to that little cook-top and dinky range you won’t believe how that is going to look in a few weeks!

He is having more fun than the law allows. This is like your Mama giving you permission to write on anything in the house. You can’t read it but he is writing


on all of the cabinets so that there is no doubt in the demo-man’s mind as to what is supposed to happen here.

I think he understood, because 24 hours later:

Yuk, believe it or not that is concrete. We all had to touch it because it looked like some weird carpet.

It is the backside of the lovely plaster corner cabinets on

the other side of the wall.

Bye, bye cabinets and ugly green soffitt!

This will soon be a beautiful farmhouse sink and amazing range and hood!

In goes the new insulation;

New Plumbing and wiring are in;

So here we are with a clean slate to write on.

I know you are wondering:  so think oak floors, white carrera marble backsplash, white quartz counters and deep gray lanterns for starters.

See you on the flip side!

And if you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at:

Cindy Barganier
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