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I have wanted to collaborate on an event with my daughter, Megan, for a long time and this weekend I got my opportunity! She was in charge of the Guarantor's Tent at Calloway Garden's annual Steeplechase event and I volunteered to be her flunky.   It was a beautiful fall day and the predicted rain did not dare show its face. I beat...

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Packing For Install Day

I've been eating my Wheaties! [caption id="attachment_8282" align="aligncenter" width="453"] Found on Pinterest[/caption] Get ready Peeps. Rain or no rain tomorrow is install day and this is my van. Yikes.   [caption id="attachment_8276" align="aligncenter" width="600"] install day[/caption]   This is Jeff's car.   We will pack Nicole's tomorrow morning while the movie van is being loaded and then it is SHOWTIME. Let's do this....

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One Day Closer To Move In


Back in Brantley today for the very LAST workday before the full move-in! Woo Hoo. We couldn’t be more excited.

The fireplace wall that no one believed we really had a plan for came rapidly together today. The cabinet crew did an amazing job of executing my vision for the concealed TV.




The Tv is recessed into the wall so that it is flush with the face. The doors are then double hinged with concealed brackets and fold all the way back flat against the side walls. The opening around the firebox will be the same product that is on the floor for a seamless transition.

Move In Day Is 7 Days Away!



We have three families on the eve of move in day so you can imagine the organized chaos that is the norm around here right now.

This picture pretty much tells the story. (Good thing I had a key to the back door ’cause I couldn’t fit through the crack that was left in the shop doorway.)





Need any lamps? Chandeliers? Hardware? How about rugs? Not a problem. I think we’ve got you covered. haha

Cashiers Showhouse Part II

In Part I we explored the greatness that was the setting for the 2015 Cashiers Showhouse. Today, we go inside!

This is the floorplan for the house if that helps you. It rambled so much we all got lost in a wonderful way.


Cathy Kincade knocked it out of the ballpark with this gorgeous wall. Love that table and those chairs and as Clinton Smith of Veranda Magazine was overheard saying, “And not an antler in sight.”  LOL

Cashiers showhouse

Cashiers’ Show House Part 1

I had the privilege of joining ADAC (where my fabric showroom is located) and the Atlanta Design Network for a bus trip to view the 2015 Cashiers Show House before it opened to the public last Friday. What a fun day! I actually enjoy bus rides because it gives you several hours to just concentrate on the people around you. I made many new friends and finally got caught up with my friend, Joy, who manages the Duralee showroom. We have had a very close relationship with all of the Duralee family since they bought the rights to my very first fabric design several years ago. Sweet peeps. I was excited to learn that they are moving a big chunk of their operations from NYC to North Carolina. The design team will remain in the city though; so I will still have an excuse to visit my favorite city!

Cashiers' showhouse

Cashiers Show House

Inspection Day Down South

    After months and months of planning and scheming and tweaking and drawing, this beauty is coming together in a marvelous way! Inspection Day in the south end of the state was as much fun as the one we featured last week from the northern end. Here is a little peek into the back story of how a house is birthed. Every wall, doorway...

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Photo Shoot With Southern Lady

We had a blast staging houses for a recent photo shoot.    The whole neighborhood got caught up in the excitement and came bearing garden flowers, food, smiles and well wishes.   We stripped Parish, one of my favorite go to places for all things fabulous, of their tabletop goodies for this sweet tablescape. Thank you Ashley! Beth Bridges came over with her giant clam shell...

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