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Vignettes, Important Design Elements

I had a great time last week when Jean Allsop came to town. Jean is the acclaimed photographer of the book 30A Style written and published by Lynn Nesmith. She is also a magazine scout and spent the day photographing several of my projects.     [gallery type="slideshow" columns="1" ids="7034,7030,7029"] Photo shoots are always exciting but they are also a bit nerve -wracking for me;...

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Kitchen Designs


I just started on a renovation plan for a kitchen design and thought I would share the process as my thoughts are forming. This is the original layout but I will be making a lot of changes to this footprint and would love your feedback along the way.


cindy barganier kitchen designs

Almost everything is changing.  This is the list I am working from:

1. Don’t need study. Would rather use this space as combination laundry/pantry area

2. Entrance hall is boring. (stairs go down, not up)

3. Not crazy about kitchen layout.  Don’t like any appliances in island. (Sink and DW are there now. Often entertain 30-35 people so need flexibility)

I will let you glance at my re-work and then walk you through it.

kitchen changes


Yikes! I’m On You Tube.

[caption id="attachment_6141" align="aligncenter" width="338"] words of wisdom[/caption]   Granted, I don't have a shy bone in my body but there is something about "putting yourself out there"  in a big, vulnerable way that makes me a bit weak in the knees. Like going on YouTube and having a video camera stuck right in my wrinkles, wisdom lines. And hearing my voice...

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Creating A Focal Point

I can hardly wait to see how this kitchen turns out.  The featured wall looked like this a few weeks ago:   But I am adding painted beams in the vaulted section with stained planks between the beams which will join a stained plank range hood as the "picture frame" for the focal point backsplash. Here are the tile selections: Happy dance, happy dance, hap,...

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It’s Reveal Time.. Finally!

What a great day we have had! It started out with a photo shoot (more about that soon!).   We literally ran from the shoot to another city to set up the law office we have been talking about for months. Miracle Man ( the man can hang anything that will stand still) immediately set to work on my prize possessions- two windows...

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Florida Bound But No Beach Bummin’!

  August was our fabric debut month on the Florida panhandle and The Writer and I had a blast! Here we are clowning it up with the Karen, Cassidy and Lindsay the Lovely Ladies of Lovelace Interiors  in Destin. They are so cute. Get a move on girls. We have houses to finish!   Moving on down the coast I got to work with this cutie...

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August Project Updates

There are several projects that have progressed quite nicely since our last visit. Each involved steps that you might relate to. The first, a master bedroom renovation, involved finding just the right bed to create the romantic get-away that these two deserved. We started out with this one. But it was too expensive. Then we moved over to this one. But we couldn't get it in...

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