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Offer: Trip Of A Lifetime

Do you love to paint?

Or have you always wanted to learn how to paint?

Do you love the outdoors and jaw-dropping scenery?

“Imagine yourself on the bank of a wild and scenic river corridor. You have just spent the last four hours rafting through some of the most beautiful and majestic places you have ever seen. Your knowledgeable and experienced guides have set the adventurous, creative and lively tone, while you are still awe-struck by this place. The sounds of rushing water and the fragrance of warm grass and clean air soothe your soul. Then your guide points out a black bear at the river’s edge. She is skittish and risks being seen to stay a moment longer and snatch a wild salmon to feed her hungry cubs. The Bear has broken your concentration but you immerse yourself again, and put the finishing brushstrokes on what you believe to be your most satisfying and moving work.”

Well I have an offer for you of a trip of a lifetime that combines all of those and more. James Sampsel, artist from my last post, has combined forces with Row Adventures (the company that he offers his fly-fishing tours through) to offer a

5 day, 45 mile Wilderness Plein Air Adventure on the Rogue River!!!!!

Where is the Rogue you ask? It is one of the most scenic rivers you will ever see and it is located in the state of Oregon. Unlike our massive rivers in the South you can see across it and the water is crystal clear and teeming with trout. But don’t take my word for it, check out these pictures:

Ok, so how does this work?


Design Blogger’s Conference 2014 May I Drop A Few Names? :)

Sunday was the kick-off for a star-studded event that brought designers, bloggers, suppliers and media people from around the country together for a 4 day free for all in the idea sharing department at Design Blogger's Conference 2014.  And who doesn't love a good SWAG bag??? They loaded us down.     That's right y'all. You saw it here first...

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Mermaid Cottages- A Few Of My Favorite Things


So if you haven’t figured it out yet there was much to love and much to miss about the Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island but alas, it is time to move on. If you missed the last few post go here, or here or here to read about all there is to do and see on this amazing little piece of paradise. I am wrapping it up today with some of my favorite pictures that haven’t fit in so far.

Don’t miss the next few weeks, I have so much to share with you! Everything from a great new restaurant design to a sneak peek at next season’s fabric line to projects, it’s a jam packed month!

For now, farewell sweet Tybee. We love you. Let’s go Heather. Back this baby up and let’s tour the island.


2014-02-09 12.58.10


2014-02-09 13.15.02 (2)


cindy barganier at tybee island


cindy barganier at tybee island


cindybarganier at tybee island


Save Time For Savannah

cindy barganier Tybee Sleepover

The third day of our Tybee Sleepover bloggers’ trip was spent exploring the gorgeous city of Savannah, Georgia. You  need two days here to really experience it.

You might have seen on the news, there was a terrible fire in a rubber warehouse while we were there.  I have never seen smoke like that.

cindy barganier savannah trip

cindy barganier savannah trip

One of our favorite stores was The Paris Market located in this lovely old building.

cindy barganier savannah