Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015

I am overwhelmed when I look at the number of posts that I have started but not finished. Therefore, I am covering my ears, closing my eyes, making that “I can’t hear you” sound and moving right on to something positive that makes me smile as we run headlong into this new year.





As the 5 pushed the 4 into the “that was so 2014” I got some love on Instagram and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Thank You! to all of the designers around the country who have given Cindy Barganier Textiles a vote of confidence and used us this year. Kisses coming your way.







jan ware



agid jessica


CEB + McAlpine



Please continue to post. We love to see how you are using our fabrics!

 Here is one more that my sweet neighbor shared with me.

reflections curtain

Relections by Cindy Barganier Textiles



I think I will have one more egg nog….. just because I am happy.



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