What Do Fly Fishing And Paintings Of Chapels Have In Common?

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What Do Fly Fishing And Paintings Of Chapels Have In Common?

cindy barganier fly fishing

You might remember a previous post about a fabulous trip I  tagged along on when Jeff had a writing assignment in Oregon. We spent several days at Morrison’s Lodge and had our own private river guide, James Sampsel, who taught us how to fly fish and hooked me forever.

That should explain why I got very excited when a van with Oregon plates pulled into my driveway with this on the window.

cindy barganier flyfishing artist

James is also a wonderful artist who has been painting his way across the country for the last few months and last week he was “pushing paint” (as he likes to say) in our neighborhood. He drew a small crowd as he painted the boat house on Tuesday and the chapel on Wednesday.

cindy barganier paints with james sampsel


cindy barganier james sampsel 

cindy barganier pleinair art


barganier paints plein ait


james sampsel




barganier sampsel paint


james sampsel paints


plein air water painting


james sampsel paints the boathouse



james sampsel, The Waters, Al


sampsel, Barganier paint The Waters

barganier plein air artist plein air fun

james sampsel paints in Alabama

This one was snapped up before the paint could dry.

james sampsel in Alabama

In case you couldn’t tell, I was in my happy place.  It really doesn’t matter where you put me as long as you surround me with creatives.



The tools of the trade make my hands itch.


the tools of an artist


  The hands that create make me yearn to tell their story.

painting plein air


 sampsel and layla palmar

Soon we had a new twist on the sidewalk–a sale happening. Even the bark park turned out for it!

2014-04-16 11.42.28

Man! Then the paparazzi showed up. You missed it!!!

james sampsel art show

I loved his artistic take on our beloved chapel. I told him that it looked to me as though all the emotions of the various events that we have held there were bleeding through the walls and dancing on the surface for all to see… to which he replied, “whaaaaaaaaaaat?”


I just call ’em as I see ’em.

james sampsel paints the chapel at the waters


If you love to paint or WOULD love to paint if you knew how or just love hangin’ with folks who do, don’t miss the next post. It  might,could possibly, will contain a once in a lifetime offer just for you. …………………………….Seriously.  And the spaces are limited.


Back in a flash.

  • I AM INTERESTED! His work is fantastic! Let me know if you can offer a media host for a fellow blogger 🙂 I just launched at theserendipper.com. Here’s my launch video http://www.theserendipper.com/post/81317004716 … thanks to the inspiration and support you have provided me thus far, Cindy!

    April 23, 2014 at 1:33 pm

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