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Going Green The Beautiful Way

Here are some examples of my own work showing our love of salvage in new construction:

This first image highlights our use of decorative finishes to achieve the effect of old when old is not possible.  We used a product called Bella Vernichi to achieve the look of a crumbling brick and plaster facade in order to tie in the theme of new from old for the corporate headquarters of this branding company.

We were fortunate enough to run up on a pair of fantastic capitols that had originally adorned a building in Huntsville, Al.
I used them as coffee table bases on two projects.
Bar stools salvaged from a favorite downtown Montgomery, Al drugstore’s soda fountain were re-purposed for use here.
I used salvaged doors for many of the exterior and interior doors in this New Urbanism community called The Waters.
For this home we used antique heart pine flooring, local stone and salvaged doors inside and out.
The front entry door was from France.
Here, again, we used old wood for flooring ( this time pre-finished) and antique European doors.
Old floors pair here with a new piece that has been distressed to look old thus adding instant warmth and charm.
This gorgeous baby is a work in progress at the lake. I just kept adding local stone. LOL I can never get enough of it! There are about 4 different specifies of wood used in this house, all harvested from their farm and milled locally. It is yummy.
Our shop at 43 Bridge Street in Pike Road, Alabama has some pretty awesome doors as well as old flooring and a tin ceiling…

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    cindy i just uploaded one of these pics on pinterest. if that is NOT ok, I will be glad to delete it OR If you want, I can put your web address on it. karen

    October 24, 2012 at 6:25 pm

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