Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Rockstar!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Rockstar!

What a weekend! Friday was spent helping our talented daughter and her can-do hubby throw a very clever celebration for Miss MC who requested a “princess rock star party with sprinkles”. haha ¬†Saturday I put the final touches on the last 8 fabric designs- we go to print this Thursday. That night we enjoyed another fabulous wedding out on” the point” in out beautiful neighborhood and Sunday I was totally humiliated in the annual mixed-doubles tennis tournament. U-G-L-Y!!

Therefore, I have chosen to concentrate on the birthday party. Hey, it’s my blog. LOL

Getting a first peek at what’s to come.

Getting our ears on!

Daddy, I love it.

NOW, what SHALL I wear?

I don’t know, Gigi, do you think these heels?

Yes, definitely these.

“Women! Is the coast clear?” I see some cool stuff out there.”

“Dang it. She caught me.”

places are set

party attire is on

ahm, yeah…. for a 3 year old

Dick Clark, you ain’t got nuthin on us. Read the sign carefully. This is what started the whole theme. Love it.

The red carpet is ready.

The stage is set.

The stars are out.

Now, all we need are our guests!

…and here they come!

“Finally!”, he says.

It’s time to “make some noise”.

…and PARTY.

Then the band started to warm up.

There was a competition for lead singer.

And for keyboard.

My grandchild and her friends are so quiet and shy.

oh yeah

Then MC’s favorite song started to play, “bummer” has it. She was amazed.

A good time was had by all.

The next morning provided the only op for the missed family photo…. but alas, the birthday girl would rather be jumping in her castle. Happy big 3, MC. Love you.

  • Ok, this is too cute! What a darling idea. Appears for certain fun was had by all!
    Thanks for sharing, Gigi.
    Happy Tuesday.

    October 23, 2012 at 12:26 pm

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