Hope In The Darkest Hour

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Hope In The Darkest Hour




In all of our lives we hit seasons that are hard… really hard. I got slammed last week. My beautiful little Mama who is the most active, vibrant 82 year old you will ever meet had a stroke.

After a week in the hospital we are now at the rehab hospital relearning how to walk, talk, swallow and other things that you and I take for granted every minute of every day. It is devastating. Yet in the midst of darkness God’s light shines through. Precious family members from near and far have been here for the week taking the night shift so that I could sleep. (I am an only). Health-south is such a place of encouragement and hope. Those people are truly used of God to work miracles in the lives of people everyday. So we have great hope for significant if not full recovery. I personally am pulling for full! 🙂

God knew and went before us. Our house sold last week but we don’t have to be out for a year. I know. Amazing. I am starting to try to draw plans for another home that will include an apartment for Mama. The lots in TND neighborhoods are small and have many stipulations so if you run across any great little plans with the main house at @1800-1900SF and the Mom part at @800-900 please send them to me!!!

It is weird going from being the daughter to being the Mama and I know Mama is HATING it as she worked so very hard to insure that this would never happen; but it has and His grace is sufficient. It’s amazing the love that floods your heart when a loved one is in distress.

Thank you for letting me share. I just wanted you to understand if posts are a bit random… maybe even seldom. Please don’t forget us over here at Forever Design as we so love and cherish your friendship and readership. I know many of you are in similar situations so we can support each other. Prayers are coveted. Take care of yourselves folks and go have your carotid arteries checked TODAY.

Here’s believing for brighter days as the Light shines brightest in the darkness.

Many blessings.







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  • Cindy, I am an only as well. It happens. At some point we become the parent and the parent(s) the child.

    August 1, 2014 at 11:41 pm

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