It’s Photoshoot Day!

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It’s Photoshoot Day!



Well we have about one more hour to get everything ready for our friends at Hoffman Media. They are shooting the Brantley house today ready or not.

Photoshoot days are my favorite. Everyone is excited. The homes are always at party ready and the pros behind those lenses know how to bring out the beauty. They are fun to watch!

But first, a little fun through the lens of my camera. This dining room is filled with drama. A dinner party here is going to be quite elegant at night.

photo shoot


We were still playing with accessories. Do you know that it is hard to add points of interest in a space without walls? My version of winged victory didn’t make the cut. LOL


Here is a peek at the great room with the TV doors open.


I am very happy with how the “unexpecteds” have played off of each other. It’s a little bit contemporary, a little bit lodge, a little bit Europe and whole lotta HOME.



Opposite the fireplace is this fun view.

byrd movein4

Oops. The next two pictures were made with my phone. The walls are not blue. This is all part of the kitchen.

Like I said, professional shots are coming.  Good thing, huh?



Just off of this cute sitting room is my favorite powder room.

LOVE how the walls, the floor and that vanity turned out. Wish you could see the ceiling which is papered in a gold mottled paper with a tiny bit of metallic in it.



Here you can see where it is in relation to the kitchen.

byrd movein3

And how about this for a master bath?


Just when I am reveling in how happy I am with this view and  am ready to move in, I remember to turn around.

Ready? Wait for it…


Let there be steam! Let me in NOW please.

I love creating places of peaceful refuge for my very busy clients. This bedroom hits all the marks: massive but cozy bed,  quiet place to sit by the fire and read, the ability to open the door to the screened porch to hear the water feature and enjoy the breeze OR the option of sleeping outside on the large enough for two daybed. (How’s THAT for a run on sentence?)

But what’s a designer to do when the massive headboard arrives two days before the magazine peeps…. and it is…. arghhhh…

the wrong color?!??!

She does the obvious. Grab whatever you have at hand… like maybe… shoe polish?  And start to faux finish like a crazy person.

Wish me luck!


And yippy ding dong skippy, it worked! I literally finished 5 minutes before the photographer walked in.

That’s one for the record books.


On the opposite side of the house the children have their own magical places to call their own.

She wanted a princess room.






(The settee literally just walked in the door. Love.)


And he wanted a man’s man room.



I can hardly to wait to see the real pictures with consistent color, exposure etc.

So as the sun set and we prepared to leave, it felt good to watch the homeowner settle in to what might become their favorite resting spot with a  contented smile and a look that said, “Job well done.” Thank you sweet Sally, my friend.


Thanks for being interested and always having such encouraging words for us.

We love your excitement. It feeds ours.




  • Sug Keene


    November 25, 2015 at 4:25 am
  • Love that porch – I would be spending all of my time there if that were my house!

    November 25, 2015 at 10:42 am

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