It’s Reveal Time.. Finally!

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It’s Reveal Time.. Finally!

What a great day we have had! It started out with a photo shoot (more about that soon!).



We literally ran from the shoot to another city to set up the law office we have been talking about for months. Miracle Man ( the man can hang anything that will stand still) immediately set to work on my prize possessions- two windows out of the old Biltmore Village school in Ashville, North Carolina that we re-purposed as mirrors.

jinks law1

As Steve measured, furniture was being hauled in. ( yes, that rug is going 🙂 )


I am stacking the windows/mirrors one on top of the other with the bottom one  turned upside down. When complete it will form a very dramatic 100″  tall oval.


Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the room Leon was getting started on the grass cloth.



Love it. Love the chandeliers.

We originally planned to pull the plaster off this wall also to expose the brick but it was not possible so I chose to add the texture of the grass to add some weight to this end of the room to balance the brick on the other.

If you have been following me for any length of time you know that my love and passion is taking any building old or new and adding character to it through the use of architectural antiques, unique finishes or whatever I can imagine to take it from the ordinary to something very special. This was one of those projects. Lest you forget, this is what we started with.

Forever design blog

This was the sketch that I drew as we dreamed of what it might become.

forever design blog

And even though the draperies are still on the workroom table and we are still missing a few pieces of furniture this is how it looked an hour ago when we left. As I told the owners, I was giddy.

I LOVE salvage!!!

Really wish I were a better photographer. 🙁

It is so close I can taste it!

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  • skeeter

    wow! gorgeous! brick, mirrors, everything 🙂

    September 20, 2013 at 2:54 pm

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