It’s Inspection Day And I Like What I See!

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It’s Inspection Day And I Like What I See!




I have been inspecting a lot of different job sites this week and thought I would let you see a little of what my week was like. In a word…. exciting!

First we headed north to watch the walls start up on this beauty.

site inspection CEBI

I love a dramatic driveway.

site inspection CEBI

It  will soon look like this.

new consturction CEBI

Yeah. I know.  🙂

Do you have any idea how many decisions go into a project like this? The number of knobs alone will make your head hurt.


Then we did a u-ey and headed south for another beauty.

foundation inspection CEBI

Can you tell from that sky that it was cold??

The sunsets here are fab.

An infinity pool will soon enjoy this view. Hope I’m invited.

pool site


So far we started with hardwood floors, marble and columns then we went to exposed beams, limestone floors and antique doors.

I’m having fun. Are you?

Now we move to some color, tile and cabinet inspections.

Yippee. All aboard.

Several people have opted for a walk-in shower lately. I love using large tiles on a broken joint in these. Not only does it eliminate a lot of grout but it gives a very gracious feel.


Next up…

say yes to the blue


The Cabinets are here!

Two weeks ago we made the call t0 add planks to this wall only. (You know how I love my wood walls.) Only the splash directly behind the range will have a decorative tile.



Awesome blossom!

I love that the bookshelves for cookbooks are hidden from sight and face the range. (See next picture.)

This particular house is a bittersweet blessing for me. It is the last house that my sweet friend Stan Godwin designed. I am finishing it for him just as we used to finish each other’s sentences. I hear his one-liners ringing in my head as I work on this project and just have to laugh. He was one of a kind.


I haven’t downloaded the pictures on the other projects yet but hopefully this will whet your appetite to follow along as we attempt to make the world a more lovely place.

Thank you dear clients.


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