A Step By Step Guide To Renovating A Kitchen

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A Step By Step Guide To Renovating A Kitchen

If you missed the last post on how to begin a kitchen renovation go here to get caught up.

Cindy Barganier Interiors

Cindy Barganier Interiors

Now that we have a plan in place and have agreed on a budget, it is time to start the serious business of renovating a kitchen.

I immediately get the cabinet shop working on cabinets since this can take 8 weeks or more. Be sure that you have supplied them with everything that they need so that you are not the cause of a delay. This includes:

  1. Paint color/colors
  2. Specification sheets on all appliances that are being used
  3. The motor housing that goes inside the range hood (they will tell you exactly what they want to have at the shop.)
  4. Answer all questions concerning hardware. Will the hinges be concealed or exposed? Will door and drawer hardware require 1 hole or 2?

Also, simultaneously order all appliances, all tile (select grout colors), all granite, quartz or marble slabs and any lighting.

Now the fun can begin…. demo!

Let the jack hammering and sledge hammer swinging commence. If you are frustrated this is a good day to show up. Just grab a cabinet off the wall and throw that baby. NOT through the Sheetrock or window though please unless those are coming out also.

From alllthingsthrifty

From alllthingsthrifty

Yes, it really will be that dirty, that dusty and that disruptive.

After all of the demolition work is completed it is time to start putting things back together.

The plumber and electrician will be first in after any new framing is up.

This is followed by insulation and drywall.

Next will usually be flooring especially if you are using tile or stone.



Once the flooring has cured the painters can get started.

Can lights can go in now with the exception of the trim kits which will go in after final painting.

Cabinet boxes can now be set. (I couldn’t find the picture of the boxes before the doors were installed. Doors are not up at this point in the timeline.)


The granite crew will come in to to make a template of the base cabinets and will want to know how many holes they need to drill for your faucets. Will you have a soap dispenser? How wide is the spread on the main faucet etc. They will also want you to go to the granite yard to inspect the actual slab before they cut it.

Meanwhile, the tile backsplash is going in and being grouted.

Light fixtures and cabinet doors can now be installed. After the doors are adjusted hardware goes on.

Appliances come in (refrigerators are always the very last thing in) followed by countertops.

We made it to touch-ups. Paint, shoe mould and any punch list items are made ready for inspection.

Pat yourself on the back. You are almost ready for that first cup of coffee but first let’s bring in the window coverings, accessories and hang any pictures. Pillows go on the banquettes, flowers in the vase, fruit in the bowl and it’s time to photograph this baby!!!


Cindy Barganier Interiors


Do NOT leave off that step. It might never be this clean again. Just kidding. Not really.

Cindy Barganier
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