Do You Know What Design Wood Is?

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Do You Know What Design Wood Is?

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Design wood. Never heard of it until a few months ago when this client’s husband arrived on site with a truck full. Have you ever heard of it? I think it is a great business idea if you are looking for one since apparently it is no longer on the market. Keith says that it used to come in all sizes from smaller than shown all the way to railroad ties. It is such a cool product.

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They work like a mortise and tenon joint. One end is square and has a tongue with a hole in it. The other end is rounded  and has an opening that receives the tongue. This end also has holes.  They just snap together allowing you to create shaped beds or to lay out a driveway, pretty much anything that is large scale and hard to visualize. Because one end is rounded it allows you to make serpentine curves rather than just straight angles.


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Once you have the layout just like you want it you simply drive a stake or in our case a piece of PVC pipe into the holes to secure them in place. As shown, you can stack row upon row to create level changes. Then you simply back fill the space with dirt and you are ready to plant.

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Pretty neat, huh?

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I also love that the walk way leading from the patio to the barn was created by randomly laying antique brick from their old homestead in a sand base. It is so much more enticing than it would have been if perfectly positioned and mortared in place.


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What fun spring projects are happening around your house this month?

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