Learning A New Language Is… Difficult.

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Learning A New Language Is… Difficult.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about how we both wish that we had spent those four years of school learning Spanish or French rather than the oh so useful Latin. (Ok, I’m a singer so actually I did use it.. a lot, but it makes for a better story to pretend that it was totally useless, right?) She works for a company that is owned by a family from Spain and the President only speaks Spanish. That’s awkward. But learning a new language is hard!


Cindy Barganier

Another friend has a child who is a missionary and they could all really use the ability to communicate in more than hand signals.

My language barrier is off a different sort. This is how my conversation went with my daughter this week. It’s great for a good ole belly laugh if you need one.

I did. 🙂

I sent her an old picture from her time in Italy that I thought she might enjoy having. This resulted:


“Love it and can I help you out for a sec..the whole TBT thing works because it’s throwback Thursday.


FBF works because it’s flashback Friday.


FBT doesn’t work because it stands for flashback Thursday. And also because today is Wednesday. 🙂




I laughed for three hours. Sometimes I think those old rotary dials worked real well. All you had to know how to speak was “southern”.


Y’all come back now… ya hear?



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