Move In Day Is 7 Days Away!

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Move In Day Is 7 Days Away!



We have three families on the eve of move in day so you can imagine the organized chaos that is the norm around here right now.

This picture pretty much tells the story. (Good thing I had a key to the back door ’cause I couldn’t fit through the crack that was left in the shop doorway.)





Need any lamps? Chandeliers? Hardware? How about rugs? Not a problem. I think we’ve got you covered. haha



On Tuesday we were supervising an army of subs down in Brantley, Alabama in preparation for a full house move-in and reveal in T-minus  7 days!

We cheered as final glazing was added to cabinets. Good job Marilyn and George.



Dozens of boxes were unpacked and appliances were installed. The unfinished wall has some beautiful custom panels going in next week.)


Lights were installed as the punch list was made for painting touch ups. I can’t get enough of those walls and floors.


The kitchen went from looking like this….


2015-10-02 12.01.44


to looking like this.



I custom designed that limestone and copper hood. It is awesome now that it is installed but we had to order Prilosec and hair dye by the case before that sucker was finally in place. This job “ain’t” for the weak of heart.  I love the layering of the different textures as the glow of the copper rests on the soft matte finish of the limestone and then as that joins the roughness of the tumbled stone which sits on the slick quartz. It all invites you to touch it… to experience it.

One of my favorite rooms is the tiny powder room that features an exquisite footed urn made by the company that creates this urn and others for the White House. I decided it was grand enough to take center stage as the lavatory. You know I have to have my wood added somewhere else. Well, here it is, stained with my favorite semi-transparent deck stain that has just a hint of blue-green. Wait til you see the brass fixtures coming out of the wall.




While all this was taking place inside I happened to glance out the window and screamed so loud everyone came running.


2015-10-20 11.12.36


I get excited about trees…. especially BIG trees… most especially a whole forest of really big trees. YES!!!


Casey Teel and these guys worked lightning fast to create the circle drive and tree-lined entrance designed by the talented Ethyl Boykin.


I mean look at the size of these hollies. You should see the live oaks, magnolia and crepe myrtles. This is fun y’all.





That’s a root ball as big as me.

2015-10-20 13.07.34


This pretty old syrup pot is going to be the water feature. It’s hard to tell but that’s about 4′ in diameter.

2015-10-20 13.03.28


Stay tuned for the rest of the journey. It’s a good one!


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  • Sug Keene

    This is just breathtaking. Maybe you should have your own show on HGTV. It would be a winner. Love all the wood and stone. And, love the instant yard. Beautiful.

    October 27, 2015 at 12:45 am

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