I’ve Got A Hankerin’ For A Hootnannie!

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I’ve Got A Hankerin’ For A Hootnannie!


As my circle of friends continues to widen to parts unknown I find myself giggling at words/phrases that slip out of my mouth or the mouths of my southern brothers and sisters during public speaking engagements.


funny sayings

Y’all is now universal. But you should see the looks when I say that a picture is cattywompus.

Or how about, “That’s a hoot.”

Jeff used to always say “Howdy.” That got some comical looks.

I told a showroom vendor recently that “My Mama would have a conniption fit if I even thought about doing that!”


So wish me luck this week as I speak to people from all over the country at Design ADAC in Atlanta.  Jeff and I will be presenting the Cindy Barganier Textiles Collection and having meet and greets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Travis and Company.

Barganier speaks at ADAC

Montgomery will be well represented as  Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier are the key note speakers on Tuesday.

 If you are planning to attend please come by and see us. We would just love to say. “Howdy.”

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