What If We Did This? Rooms Re-Imagined.

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What If We Did This? Rooms Re-Imagined.





It has been a really fun season of helping clients  imagine how their spaces could look if they were re-decorated: rooms re-imagined, I call it. I have learned that it is not necessary for me to spend the hours/days that it takes to do a perfect “rendering” of the space. I can often do just enough of a change to help them see the new look. So be forewarned these are not professional quality Photoshoped images…. just teasers.

And now, come along on a little tour of Photoshop play over the last few months.

What if this

Montgomery Kitchen Before

Looked like this

ashley kitchen

Or what is this room

ashley den


Had bleached floors and a wood plank ceiling



ashley den copy
I’m thinking YES to both. You?


And then I jumped on that virtual airplane and flew out to sunny Cali. It was great!

No lines. No checked luggage. No ebola concerns. Just a few secs to download the images of this cute cottage outside of Los Angeles that is ready for a little update after its family entered the empty nest time of life.

Isn’t it cute?

California Cottage



 This is the view from the kitchen and family room.

California garden

So we have been chatting and trying to decide what she would like to look like after her re-do.

What if her family room went from this



to this

suzan's living

or maybe this

suzan's living in green


Tired of green?

Cindy Barganier Interiors

Go blue!

my living room makeover


No, it’s not a perfect representation but it helps if you have trouble “seeing” what is not actually there yet. What are your thoughts? Helpful or not?


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