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Save Time For Savannah

cindy barganier Tybee Sleepover

The third day of our Tybee Sleepover bloggers’ trip was spent exploring the gorgeous city of Savannah, Georgia. You  need two days here to really experience it.

You might have seen on the news, there was a terrible fire in a rubber warehouse while we were there.  I have never seen smoke like that.

cindy barganier savannah trip

cindy barganier savannah trip

One of our favorite stores was The Paris Market located in this lovely old building.

cindy barganier savannah



Cindy Barganier at The Paris Market

cindy barganier the paris market

Photo Credit: Beth at Unskinny Boppy

cindy barganier savannah trip great shopping

Their displays were chock full of  ideas on how to create vignettes in your home.

The little coffee shop located on the first floor tugged at my heart strings.

cindy barganier

I would SO have indulged, but our ultimate destination was right across the street.


Cindy barganier in Savannah

Yup, the one and only Mrs. Paula Deen.

Cindy Barganier in Savannah

Taking up a full city block on Congress St, The Lady and Sons includes the restaurant, a retail store and a private dining room where we ate.

cindy Barganier Savannah

Here is a shot of the whole lot of us with the staff and management from the restaurant.

The cutey pie in the middle with the long hair and cable knit sweater was our host and speaker, Claudia Deen, new wife of Bobby- one of The Sons.

cindy Barganier Savannah, GA

Photo credit: Beth and Unskinny Boppy

Interestingly, while we gorged ourselves on this (and oh, yes! it was divine),

cindy barganier The lady and sons

Claudia was speaking to us about living a healthy lifestyle and eating clean foods.  That was a bit awkward. We kept putting our forks down…. for a few seconds. LOL

Miss Elaine upstaged them all though.

SHE kept bringing out the desserts.


after the other

after the other.


“Sugah, don’t you wanna try this banana puddin? It’s mighty good.”

Cindy barganier Savannah

Photo credit: Beth at Unskinny Boppy

Sure nuff. It was.

Miss Elaine had the sweetest spirit and a smile that made you want to be her new BFF. Thank you for making us feel so welcome!

This week?  Lettuce.  Just plain lettuce.

Good thing we walked…. a lot!

If you are an artist/designer you can’t leave Savannah without checking out SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design.

Her buildings are spread all over the city.. literally.

This is the admissions office and it gives you a real taste of what awaits behind the doors.

cindy barganier savannah

savannah cindy barganier

Everything was creative. The stair rails were lime green. All of the furnishings were student designs and next door was the SCAD retail store where you can pick up a treasure or two designed by students and alums. Well worth the visit.

We also loved Habersham Antiques.

My favorite thing about the city?

Cindy barganier savannah

Photo credit: Beth at Unskinny Boppy

Two of the stops that we so regret missing were the Back In The Day Bakery and another amazing antique store but you can read all about that on any number of other posts.

In the next few days I will introduce you to some of my new friends and their blogs. Today, meet:

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