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See Our Feature on House of Turquoise


Monday my alarm went off and I was thinking about a sign I had seen the day before:

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It has been a busy week- out of town every day and at present I have 3,000 emails in my in box. Yeah, you read that right. I know. I can’t think about it.

As I loaded up the van and headed to east Alabama I blew a kiss to The Writer and said, ” Please keep an eye on my emails for me and let me know if any important ¬†ones come in. I won’t have time to check.”

Apparently there was one because a few hours later I get a picture of this screen shot:

Cindy Barganier on House of Turquoise


Don’t do that when I’m up a 10′ ladder!!! Seriously??? I would say that is fairly marvelous.


To see the whole marvelous post click on Erin’s House of Turquoise button below.


Oh, and Erin…..
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And that little Wesley is a cutie pie.

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