It’s Site Inspection Week.

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It’s Site Inspection Week.


It’s site inspection week.

Remember the days when your kids were little… OK, when your GIRLS were little, and they would come home from school just bursting with exciting things to tell you about? And the words would come as a

rush so quickly

that there was no time to breathe,

no time to even comprehend what had been said?          But the joy was palatable?

Well that is sort of how I am right now. There has been no time to write but God has been so good and I have so much joy to share…..


I got so excited today I was jumping and screaming like a crazy woman.  Inspection week means I am on the road a lot and today, this happened.

 (Forgive the first two grainy iphone pics. I was driving.)

The old drive shoots off to the left through the trees. This was my first time to experience the new orientation.




Well, hello beautiful!

Old South architecture

And then I stepped inside….

and saw this


They are like our children. Just yesterday, it seems, it looked like this.


This is the view from inside.


formal entry way


And it just keeps getting better!

The cabinet man tells me that if I will select the hardware he will get those doors installed. oops!

kitchen design

If you are questioning the placement of the hood/island etc we will explore that in a later post. It was all about creating a site line from the fireplace.

I have a very long speech about the value of an architect. They really are worth their weight in gold when you understand what they bring to the table.

I have literally spent the entire summer re-drawing multiple plans to create symmetry and rhythm or to try to repair issues with proportion and scale that should have been addressed at the drafting stage. Some of it I understand. It is very hard for most people to look at a drawing and see it in 3-D so sometimes you just have to do it the hard way…. more on that later.

At the end of the day though it’s all about fulfilling dreams and that what we aim to do.

The flip side of the kitchen looks like this.

built ins by fireplace

This is the dining room.

buffet niche

And finally, the master bedroom.


master bay
Marble is going in and an antique Waterford chandelier is being cleaned to join it. Wait til you see the tub! Yum!
marble walls
  And that’s just half of the first floor!   Tomorrow? Time to make some decisions on the rest of the lighting. Can’t wait.  

Thanks for letting me rave. To steal my friend’s line: “I dig my gig.”





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