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Spring In The South Cover

I was very excited to receive this sneak peek at what will be hitting the news stands this week.

We made the cover of  Spring In The South!!!



You can’t even believe how precious Bo the wonder dog was as he sat for long stretches of time not moving a muscle while we adjusted lights, changed angles and generally gave him the whole movie star, this is not really very glamorous work, experience. At one point the crew actually walked up to him, adjusted the bandanna around his neck and re-positioned him and he acted like he had been doing this his whole life.

They wanted to add him to the pay roll. Every house would then have Bo as a fixture. His Mama and Daddy said no.

The interiors of this beautiful home were featured last year in Southern Home magazine. You can read all about the shoot here.

Here are the images from that publication:












Thank you Spring In The South! You made this girl’s day.

Cindy Barganier
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