A Super Fun Date Night

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A Super Fun Date Night

After all the wildness of the last month, Jeff planned a super fun date night for this week. We  went to Greenville to close on Mama’s house (my childhood home) Thursday morning. Now that’s a weird experience if you haven’t done it yet. So many different emotions are running through you simultaneously. Our sweet realtor is not only a childhood friend but now family since her nephew married our daughter. We spent many afternoons at 512 Forest Drive for cheerleader practice. I  could “see” all of  our school shoes kicked off and lined up by the door as I passed through the family  room. Looking into the living room for the last time memories of Christmas past flooded my mind like the year that I got the Shirley Temple wig and bike all at the same time. That must have been an amusing sight for the neighbors.  I could hear my Grandmother’s laugh as she and Mama cooked all manner of good things in the kitchen. I could hear the boom, boom, boom of the basketball next door as my neighbors/adopted brothers, Jimmy, Charlie and Bill, played adjacent to my bedroom window. On and on the memories came, how blessed I am that they were almost all good and sweet and cherished.

I am grateful that we have Mama close and that she is happily settled into her new assisted living home and I am grateful that the estate closing is behind us and we can look only forward now.

I am most grateful in this season of thanksgiving for my precious husband and best friend who always seems to know exactly what I need usually before I do. So on to the point of this post! He sort of kidnapped me after the closing and we headed off for a super fun date night!

First we went to see the incomparable, Terry Gilmore, for a massage at Auburn. That would have been enough right there! But no! He had reservations for us at the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center and the really cool part of it was that this was the night of the Auburn Christmas Parade AND the unveiling of the gingerbread village which I wrote about wanting to see here. How cool is that?


That’s still not all. There is a fabulous new restaurant in Auburn called The Depot. It is located downtown in…… wait for it….. the depot. haha

This is a picture during renovation.



The hostess station is especially clever.



The bar is made from the old heart pine boards that made up the platform.


You have to go!!!! The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan and the food is amazing.



We were seated in one of these cozy booths




and because we ate early to avoid the parade crowd we got to have a nice long chat with Richard, one of the owners. (on the right)


As nice as the people are and the atmosphere is, the real star of the show is the FOOD and boy, did it live up to our expectations.

The appetizer list includes about 6 different types of oysters. We went with the Rockafeller and thought we were in New Orleans.



We then moved on to the Rainbow Trout with pecans and maple roasted carrots. For a side we got the cauliflower and yukon potato au gratin.



I am glad that we split this so that I had room for dessert: Three chocolate filled beignets perfectly dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with an espresso sauce.


I didn’t share. Jeff got a fruit cobbler cooked in its own cast iron skillet and served with vanilla gelato.  Goooo!! You will be so glad that you did.

You can go to their web site for a sample menu and to see the Catch of The Day.


Thank you sweet Jeff!! You are the best. One day I am going to figure out how to surprise you…. but I don’t think it will include hiking and camping. Just sayin’.


Cindy Barganier
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