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Featured on My Design Chic!!!

Just when I thought I didn’t have a thing to write about today THIS amazing surprise pops up in my in-box and I to stop and do a little amazed happy dance.

My Design Chic (which received an award for one of the best blogs at The Blogger’s Conference year before last) featured one of MY houses today on their blog!!! I am beyond thrilled. Thank you Kristy and Beth.

Thank You Southern Hospitality

I met Rhoda from Southern Hospitality at The Chapel Market last year and what a sweet heart she is! Rhoda was one of pioneers of the blogging world so when she emailed me yesterday to say that she was writing a feature on me today you can imagine how honored I was. I haven’t even seen it yet so jump over to Southern Hospitality with me and let’s check it out! Thank you so much Rhoda.

Rhoda is the beautiful blond in front with the black top on. She just looks like she would know a thing or two about Southern Hospitality doesn’t she?

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Bloggers Dinner On The Veranda


Florida Bound But No Beach Bummin’!

  August was our fabric debut month on the Florida panhandle and The Writer and I had a blast! Here we are clowning it up with the Karen, Cassidy and Lindsay the Lovely Ladies of Lovelace Interiors  in Destin. They are so cute. Get a move on girls. We have houses to finish!   Moving on down the coast I got to work with this cutie...

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Fabric Winner

  [caption id="attachment_3929" align="aligncenter" width="538"] taking a look[/caption] This has been so much fun. I am forever grateful to Layla and Kevin for the pictures and the post and for introducing us to all of their wonderful readers. I am just thrilled to have met all of you and quite humbled by your kind remarks and your excitement about my first fabric collection....

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Lightning Round

Remember the lightning round from Jeopardy?   Well I am going to put this in fast forward to catch you up on what's been going on in Florida.     building site   Foundation going in   [caption id="attachment_1846" align="aligncenter" width="439" caption="Framing"][/caption]   [caption id="attachment_1847" align="aligncenter" width="309" caption="framing still"][/caption]   moving on       testing exterior paint   porch rails go up   So there you have it: The Lightning Round.   Stay tuned. Tomorrow we will look at some of the final...

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