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One Day Closer To Move In


Back in Brantley today for the very LAST workday before the full move-in! Woo Hoo. We couldn’t be more excited.

The fireplace wall that no one believed we really had a plan for came rapidly together today. The cabinet crew did an amazing job of executing my vision for the concealed TV.




The Tv is recessed into the wall so that it is flush with the face. The doors are then double hinged with concealed brackets and fold all the way back flat against the side walls. The opening around the firebox will be the same product that is on the floor for a seamless transition.

And The Walls Came A’Tumbalin Down.

I am super pumped with what's taking place with the law office renovation. We have been holding our collective breath for months praying that what we thought was behind that wall would actually materialize. While I was off doing Gigi Camp demolition began.   As wallpaper and plaster crashed to the ground we were left with this heartwarming sight. Can you hear the shouts...

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Introducing Teresa Hatfield And A Giveaway.

  Last month, our friend Teresa Hatfield did a post on her Blog “Splendid Sass” about my fabric line.  I’d like to return the favor and take a look at what she’s up to. Teresa is one those people that makes me shake my head in wonder. She has an undergraduate degree in molecular biology, a masters in law, and has studied liberal and...

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