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Back To Proportion, Balance And Scale

good proportion, balance and scale


I good while back I did a series of posts on proportion, scale and balance. Mine started off like this:

Despite out best intentions the traditional buildings that are being constructed today do  not always feel ‘right’. They fail in the small details- the proportion of a window, or a badly –detailed door surround or in a short-sighted choice of material.

Pop Up Stores Down By The Riverside!

To start at the beginning of this post click here. The headliners for Southern Makers were famous Alabamian Apparel Designers Natalie Chanin and Billy Reid. Both, in recent years, have moved their operations home to Florence, Alabama from New York and have embraced their roots as the world has embraced them. He did a great job of helping people get a sense of...

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Congratulations are in order for  my friends Greg Tankersley and John Sease whose architectural firm,   McAlpine Tankersley, was named to Architectural Digest's AD100 list. "First published in 1990, the AD100 is known as "the list that Matters," and features an international fellowship of trailblazers and standard bearers whose work is imaginative, intelligent and inspiring." What an incredible honor. Pictured here are architects  Chris Tippett, Greg Tankersley and John Sease with Architectural...

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