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Breeze Inn But Prepare To Stay A While

Today on part III of my Tybee Island posts I get to write about the fun stuff—the cottages!!! I told you that “the ladies” and I got to stay at best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews’ house called Breeze Inn. Today, I will show you why I was so excited about that. (Although every blogger there claimed that they had the best house. Guess you just can’t go wrong with a Mermaid Cottage!)


Meet Breeze Inn all decked out in her tropical coat of turquoise and white.

The hot pink necklace of a front door just screams, “Come inside and see the good stuff!”

cindy barganier Mermaid Cottages

So we obliged. 🙂

Passing through that pinkalicious door this is the first thing you see:

Cindy Barganier Mermaid Cottages

cindy barganier mermaid cottages

After four days we were still finding little surprises that delighted.

How great is this chest? I never did remember to ask MKA if she found it like that or if she painted it. I would not be surprised to find out that she did.

cindy barganier mermaid cottages

It’s Chapel Market Time… Be There Or Be Square!

The Lettered Cottage has been busy for months planning this exciting event at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama and it is finally here.   We are all so excite and can't wait to meet all of the folks driving and flying in from an far away as Sunny Cali-for-nigh-a! It's gonna be a fun day. Need a little snack? Gotcha covered. You will...

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