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Ciao Bella

Yes, I have been AWOL. I apologize. It would seem that everyone that I know  was in Europe last week. Except for me that is. [caption id="attachment_4965" align="aligncenter" width="334"] piazza colonna rome[/caption] My sweet daughter and son-in-law were on a much deserved 10 day tour of Italy. I still haven't heard all of the stories and can't wait. Looks like they were having fun...

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Southern Makers Inaugural Event

Sooo, the scene was finally set. The staff bustled. The chefs hustled. [caption id="attachment_4881" align="aligncenter" width="650"] yummy Dreamland[/caption] And we puzzled over how to do things (like play electric guitars) when the power blipped out. #oops #1st year #learning curves Isn't that a beauty? All hand made by Thomas Hinds. There was lots to do.  Lots to eat ...

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Speakin’, Streakin’ and Seekin’

It was a busy Saturday. I spoke for the women's conference at Vaughn Forest in Montgomery, AL at 10 then ran like a crazy woman downtown in time to help set up for the Southern Makers event (which was fantastic if you missed it) and spent late afternoon seeking interviews with all the uber talented folks represented. I have a million...

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A Little Self Spoof This Morning.. Enjoy

I received this this morning from Houzz and parts of it made me laugh out loud. This is tongue in cheek guys. BTW, I don't like that self-loathing part but love the scribbles and bang head here. I can relate. haha Other by Durham Architect Coffee with an Architect Find Home Improvement Professionals - For Example: Montreal Contractor · Jacksonville Contractor · St Louis Contractor · Albuquerque Contractor · Calgary Contractor · Melbourne Contractor · Portland Maine Contractor · London...

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Speaking Of Salvage!

I went shopping today and look at all the goodies I found.   Very sad this little girl was sold already. They had a pair of these beauties. There was a whole pile of these- paneling pieces. What a lovely piece of marble. Where do you hale from little one? A wonderful old church pew. Great doors. Where will I use you? Remember us talking about eglomise'? Here you go! The...

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Fabric Winner

  [caption id="attachment_3929" align="aligncenter" width="538"] taking a look[/caption] This has been so much fun. I am forever grateful to Layla and Kevin for the pictures and the post and for introducing us to all of their wonderful readers. I am just thrilled to have met all of you and quite humbled by your kind remarks and your excitement about my first fabric collection....

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