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Before and After Living Room

Before and After posts are my very favorites. Today we’re talking Living Rooms.

Don’t you agree that seeing a room go from unused and unloved – because it is just not “you” – to something that makes you do the happy dance every time you walk by is something worth celebrating???  I do! And so does the sweet family who lives in this home. We have been slowly working our way through the house making each room a special place designed just for their family and I can’t even tell you how much fun we have had.

So…… I give you the Living Room…… BEFORE

living before

The room was dark and oh so serious and did I mention never used? “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

After much discussion with the owners I learned that what they really wanted was an adult space where they could close those double bi-fold doors to the den and actually have a conversation without Dora’s input. (You would have to have kids or grands to understand.) They wanted bright and happy and sophisticated. They wanted to be able to sit in a pleasant environment and watch the kids in the pool which is just beyond that big window that was BEHIND the sofa.  (Think jump up and turn around at every scream. Not good.)


Sooooooooooooo,  we did this.

Let The Fun Begin.. Opening The Doors For The Chapel Market

  It's 7:30 am Saturday and the early birds have arrived. I think this happy group was from Jackson, Mississippi (correct me girls) and they were fired up about meeting Miss Mustard Seed.   By 8:00 every golf cart we could get our hands on was called into service as a taxi to shuttle people from the town square parking. Chapel parking was full.   The line...

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It’s Chapel Market Time… Be There Or Be Square!

The Lettered Cottage has been busy for months planning this exciting event at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama and it is finally here.   We are all so excite and can't wait to meet all of the folks driving and flying in from an far away as Sunny Cali-for-nigh-a! It's gonna be a fun day. Need a little snack? Gotcha covered. You will...

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The Lettered Cottage On The Design Network

Well this is brag on the accomplishments of others week! Thank you so much for all of your kind and encouraging comments to Megan yesterday on the launch of her first children's clothing line. Yesterday was a huge day for someone else. Neighbor, Layla Palmer, and her best friend/hubby, Kevin, have been running around like crazy for the last few weeks painting...

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The Best Reveal Ever!!!

As you know we have been working on a master bedroom renovation in one of the historic areas of our city.   I love, love, love this family. They have waited so patiently for this much deserved retreat taking care of the family areas, the children's rooms, everything but their own private get away. We laughed as they told stories of the ah,...

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