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What Makes The HGTV House Smart? Find Out Here

Yesterday I gave you a teaser about the HGTV Smart House but today I am sending you over to KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms to get the nitty gritty low down since she was one of a small group of bloggers invited to tour the house this week. She speaks of things like remote control toilets and doggy doors and ……. yep, I know. Say whaaaat?

Sounds like the Jetsons to me. I guess we really have arrived at the house of tomorrow. BTW, I accidentally had an encounter with one of those toilets. uh huh. The part I loved?

Heated seat.

If you know me you know I hate cold. All cold. Never met a cold I liked.

Really liked the heated seat. LOL


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Let The Fun Begin.. Opening The Doors For The Chapel Market

  It's 7:30 am Saturday and the early birds have arrived. I think this happy group was from Jackson, Mississippi (correct me girls) and they were fired up about meeting Miss Mustard Seed.   By 8:00 every golf cart we could get our hands on was called into service as a taxi to shuttle people from the town square parking. Chapel parking was full.   The line...

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