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Breeze Inn But Prepare To Stay A While

Today on part III of my Tybee Island posts I get to write about the fun stuff—the cottages!!! I told you that “the ladies” and I got to stay at best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews’ house called Breeze Inn. Today, I will show you why I was so excited about that. (Although every blogger there claimed that they had the best house. Guess you just can’t go wrong with a Mermaid Cottage!)


Meet Breeze Inn all decked out in her tropical coat of turquoise and white.

The hot pink necklace of a front door just screams, “Come inside and see the good stuff!”

cindy barganier Mermaid Cottages

So we obliged. 🙂

Passing through that pinkalicious door this is the first thing you see:

Cindy Barganier Mermaid Cottages

cindy barganier mermaid cottages

After four days we were still finding little surprises that delighted.

How great is this chest? I never did remember to ask MKA if she found it like that or if she painted it. I would not be surprised to find out that she did.

cindy barganier mermaid cottages