The Reveal at Ponte Vedra Beach

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The Reveal at Ponte Vedra Beach

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On Day 5 the ditch from the new septic connection for the added bath was filled.

We reminded each other for the hundredth time to duck.  LOL


The dragonflies completed their flight to their new habitat.

They brought some butterflies with them.

We finished hanging the last of the heavy mirrors. (That man can do anything.  ANYTHING I tell you.)

Jeff made a run into Jacksonville to pick up some art from local artist John Beard.

We cleaned up all of the mess.

We finished unpacking all of the glassware.

Then, at last, it was time to show off our work.

Since the owners had the advantage of knowing what everything looked like before (we even had fun reviewing the pictures before they went inside)

I am going to break this into two parts.

I will show you their expressions as

they see things for the first time then I will do a separate post and allow you to see before and after pictures for yourself.

Checking out the killer kurtain. 🙂

People ask me why we are willing to do so much, work so hard on move-ins. This is why.

And this..

And when tears start, I would do it all over again … right then.

NO, that’s not really the bedding. I was just trying to cover up the mattresses.

Time to see for yourself. Let me go find the befores and I will be right back.

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