To Market To Market

To Market To Market

We are about to begin a master bedroom renovation that I am super excited about. This is one of those favorite “client trusts you enough to say.’ here’s the budget, you know what we love, just do it’ ” then they go on vacation and come home to a big reveal. This will be our third reveal with this client and they are always such fun.. lots of squeals, tears and laughter. We LOVE it!!

The work begins tomorrow at the crack of dawn when The Writer and I leave for market. We are truly on the hunt for lots of happiness this trip.

Here are some initial ideas that are floating around in my little noggin.

They have an idea of what I am thinking so the surprise won’t be spoiled when they read this blog ( which I know they will). 🙂

Unfortunately, we just found out this bed won’t arrive until the fall and I can’t wait that long so…………..





So that’s tomorrow’s starting point but who knows what wonderfulness we will find that will win our hearts.  Stay tuned Friends.

It only gets better from here.

Have a wonderfull  week if I we don’t talk again. You are never far from my heart.


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