Tree #1…UP!!

Tree #1…UP!!

We finished stage one’s work on the Idlewild dining room and decided to roll with the forest theme for the Christmas decor. We had a blast. See what you think.

As we imagined our forest friends that would be playing in the scenery painted on the walls we began to add them to the tree.

There are nests filled with Robin and Sparrow eggs.There are angels made of pinecones.

cindy barganier

Cindy Barganier

There had to be cute little scurrying critters.


They made their way up on the chandelier so that they could spy on the reindeer grazing at the side board.


cindy barganierIMG_9437IMG_9444

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

cindy barganier

I don’t know who originally came up with the idea for those walls but they are stunning.


I am taking a break to spend a few days with my family for Thanksgiving then it will be on to Tree #2.. and 3… and 4… LOL

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends. We’ll see you back here in a few days.

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