Tuscan Gardens In Alabama

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Tuscan Gardens In Alabama

As promised, here are the Tuscan gardens created by Mark Montoya behind the Montgomery, Alabama firestation.

If you missed part one on the artist go here.

If you missed part two on the station converted into a home go here.

NOW, we are all caught up and continue this journey to the heart of Italian alfresco dining spots without ever leaving our fair city.

Walking out the back door of the station I was greeted by this ancient looking, supposedly crumbling brick and stone wall with arched windows providing a sneak peek into the real garden and a rustic trellis just begging for grapevines.

cindy barganier/mark montoya


The juxtaposition of rusting iron candelabra and fuchsia hydrangea blossoms against that stone backdrop had my creative juices churning.  You see I am a gardener at heart but not in actuality. I love the planning and planting but hate the maintenance… therefore my gardens are always one color…..brown. Not good.


And then my little pea picking heart followed that pea gravel path and encountered this.

I almost ran to the back to see what was behind that hedge.


Mark Montoya/Cindy Barganier



Would you like to see?

cindy barganier


Wait for it.

walled garden, urn, ancient


mark montoya gardens



mark montoya,cindy barganier


gardens, cindy barganier, mark montoya


And then I turned around.

montoya garden, cindy barganier




Imagine: the party lights are on, the tables are spread with white farmhouse tea towels and those enchanting little folding metal chairs that you see all over France and Italy are place haphazardly around.. not too perfect you know. The candles are glowing, the wine is flowing, the bread is hot and the figs and cheese fresh.

The tree frog symphony tunes up but does not clash with the violins playing in the background……………..

oops, I think I left you.

You should come along to this charming party in my mind and when it is time to say buonanotte enjoy the flip side of that beautiful wall as you stroll into the night.

tuscan garden in Alabama

mark montaya cindy barganier


Thanks guys. I feel like I had a mini-vacay in the middle of the week.



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