Tybee Island Get Ready!

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Tybee Island Get Ready!

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In a mere 48 hours Jenny, Kath , Gayle and I will be seeing this sign!!!!!!!! Woo Hooty Hoo.

Tybee Island Sleepover was the brainchild of Mary Kay Andrews and Rhoda Vickers birthed while enjoying dinner at Kathy’s house during Layla Palmer’s Chapel Market a few months ago. They graciously included us in the plans and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We are thrilled at the thought of THIS.

cindy barganier

Please, let there be sunshine and no icey rain.

I am especially thrilled to have been included as a newby blogger thrown in with a cast of 20 veterans. Thank you Lord for your favor.

We will be spending 4 days in some of the most desirable cottages Tybee has to over as rentals. The schedule is packed with fun and you can read all about it next week when we return. Each blogger covers a different house to help you plan your next vaca and you KNOW we are going to be talking about food….

and the beach……

and the shopping…….

Oh, and since I am staying at Mary Kay’s house- about UPCOMING BOOKS to read on that beach.

Oh yeah. It’s gonna be fun. Don’t miss it.

You might even get to hear about our private lunch in this little town


with a certain lady and her sons.   Just maybe. 🙂

To read what Tybee is saying about it today on their Island Blog go here.

The slogan is

“What happens at The Tybee Sleepover gets blasted all over social media.”

so don’t forget to check out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook this weekend.

See ya back here next Tuesday!

All images courtesy of  Tybee Island’s website.

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