You Think This Is Glamorous Huh?

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You Think This Is Glamorous Huh?

For all of you who think Interior Design is such a glamorous profession hang with us on days like this.

It was tile selection day for the beach project.

Here I am working with Billie from Destin Tile and Stone making the tile selections for the baths and kitchen.

I love this grey strie that we found for the downstairs master. The glass tiles are used as an accent band on the walls.

Here is a close-up of the glass tile.

It is actually a combination of tile slivers and smoky glass and it is beautiful but I have to tell you that I am being very careful how I use all of these specialty tiles.

I know the tile reps would hate it if they could hear me but I am afraid that they (the glass tiles) are going to scream

2010 like big hair screams 1980.

Just don’t date yourself too much.

We did a little special touch in each room and one of my favs is the river rock on the floor of one of the upstairs showers.

Now, here’s where the glamour part ends.

There is no such thing as a decorator who doesn’t work out.

Everything that we deal with is heavy. HEAVY I’m telling you, tile, granite, wallpaper books, fabric books, paint cans.

And step aerobics? Are you kidding me? We INVENTED that. We are up and down ladders all day.

So here we go in our cute little clothes (sometimes) to the granite yard… in 120 degree weather.


You know I’m just kidding you.

I actually find the granite yard quite exciting.

 It is hard to believe that all of those different colors and patterns were just buried on the side of some mountain until someone figured out a way to excavate them.

God is so creative. That’ s why I love to hang with Him.

We found this beautiful black to go with the grey strie’.

 Don’t you think that’s great looking?

We were trying to find remnants to use in the upstairs baths. That’s a trick I use that allows me to use a more expensive product. You don’t need the whole slab…. IF you can find a piece big enough for your needs left over from a job that someone else with very good taste used. 🙂

For this phase we went into the marble warehouse.

 These are the giant machines used to wet cut the slabs.

This slab is being readied for its cut.

I am determining what size I have to have for each vanity.

Then we narrow down by size and try to find one that will match the tile.




Three hours later we shake the marble dust from our clothes and after determining that we have

 the right colors

in the appropriate sizes,

 available at the required moment,

for a price that is almost within budget

 we pack up another 50 lbs of samples and call it a day.

Hopefully when we present it to the clients we won’t have to start all over. LOL

Thankfully, that rarely happens but there are those days….

So there ya have it. A day in the life of.

If you would like to say,”That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at



  • Absolutely love the river rock and the gray strie…stunning!!

    January 31, 2012 at 1:07 am

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