Slightly South of Simple-A Book Review

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Slightly South of Simple-A Book Review

Meet  my friend, Kristy Harvey. Kristy and I met through the blogging world. She is a South Carolina girl and she and her sweet Mom, Beth Woodson, write one of my favorite blogs called My Design Chic. Their images are gorgeous. Check them out! But this post is not about the blog it is about Kristy’s THIRD, that’s right, third novel called Slightly South of Simple! How does this busy Mama do it?

If you have ever been a part of the southern sisterhood (of wanted to be) this book is for you. You will laugh and cry and relate your way through the tale of a single mom who happens to be an Interior designer (another reason I loved it) just living life when the phone begins to ring. One by one, her three grown daughters announce they are moving back in “for the summer”. Ansley, the Mom, is more than a bit concerned because she well knows the drama that ensues when these three are together but I love her words once they are all back in the nest. “Sometimes you don’t know how empty your ‘fridge…or your heart… can be. You don’t realize it, that is, until at long last, they are full again.”


Kristy and I are both only children who have imagined what it would be like to have sisters. I think she might be dead on in Slightly South of Simple. It is wonderful and anything BUT simple. Now throw in the fact that Mom’s high school sweetheart is back in town and things get real interesting. There are secrets long held and protected, not out of malice but out of love, that come to light as Jack re-enters Ansley’s world.

Listen to Kristy as she tells you in her own words about this tale of southern life.

(rabbit trail) Did you hear her say that her Grandmother held the first seat on Wall Street?! Wow. In case you are not informed, Southern women really are steel magnolias. My grandmother barely spoke above a whisper but she ruled the roost!

Before you head to the lake or beach grab a copy of Slightly South of Simple and enjoy a few days of relaxation with Ansley and fam. It is available everywhere but here is the Amazon link and the Books-A-Million link if you are lazy like me and don’t want to drive into town.

Good job Kristy. Hope to see you soon!


Cindy Barganier
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fabulous post, Cindy. I appreciate your support and friendship more than you know! xoxo Kristy

    May 19, 2017 at 5:39 pm

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