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That Day I Hired An Award Winning Chef

cooking with chefs

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See those guys? I think I seriously thought they would live with me one day. No really.

You see, many years ago The Writer and I bought a piece of land out in the country. Now this was a miracle in itself because I found the land and drug him out there to look at it and I AM NOT A COUNTRY GIRL- not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not that I have anything against the country but I am an only child who has been on a life long quest to be around people. PEOPLE… not coyotes, not tree frogs, certainly not snakes, not a single one of them can listen to my humorous stories or tell me theirs. They don’t invite me to dinner or sing happy birthday to me.  Ahhh, but The Writer; that man never met a country he didn’t love. So in my head, I could make this work.

That’s where the trouble began… in my head.