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Pop Up Stores Down By The Riverside!

To start at the beginning of this post click here. The headliners for Southern Makers were famous Alabamian Apparel Designers Natalie Chanin and Billy Reid. Both, in recent years, have moved their operations home to Florence, Alabama from New York and have embraced their roots as the world has embraced them. He did a great job of helping people get a sense of...

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Southern Makers Inaugural Event

Sooo, the scene was finally set. The staff bustled. The chefs hustled. [caption id="attachment_4881" align="aligncenter" width="650"] yummy Dreamland[/caption] And we puzzled over how to do things (like play electric guitars) when the power blipped out. #oops #1st year #learning curves Isn't that a beauty? All hand made by Thomas Hinds. There was lots to do.  Lots to eat ...

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