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It’s Chapel Market Time… Be There Or Be Square!

The Lettered Cottage has been busy for months planning this exciting event at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama and it is finally here.   We are all so excite and can't wait to meet all of the folks driving and flying in from an far away as Sunny Cali-for-nigh-a! It's gonna be a fun day. Need a little snack? Gotcha covered. You will...

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Speakin’, Streakin’ and Seekin’

It was a busy Saturday. I spoke for the women's conference at Vaughn Forest in Montgomery, AL at 10 then ran like a crazy woman downtown in time to help set up for the Southern Makers event (which was fantastic if you missed it) and spent late afternoon seeking interviews with all the uber talented folks represented. I have a million...

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Another Historic Treasure

Just days after I posted about the historic Gay House (here) a friend started talking about another amazing old house in Montgomery that hubby and I actually looked at a lifetime ago, the Winter House. The story goes that there is a tunnel that was used to escape Wilson's raiders that leads from the basement to the river.  The old grainy photo is from...

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