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Getting Crafty- How To Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

[caption id="attachment_5850" align="aligncenter" width="343"] Springtime Fun[/caption]     I had the small, strike-off samples from my fabric line  just sitting around the studio and decided to have a little fun with them at Christmastime. I made my version of English crackers except that they don't really pull apart to reveal the goodies inside. You just untie the ribbon. Not as exciting maybe but a...

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How Did You Make Those Lamps Float??

A little background on Friday's  bedroom reveal. If you missed it go here to catch up. I was so pleased with how the wall sconces turned out but getting there was no small feat. I found these great lamps at Tuesday Morning for $9.99 and knew instinctively that they would be perfect but then had to put on my engineer's hat (which...

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