It Has Begun

It Has Begun

There’s nothing quite like a blustery cold day in the country putting up Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations. We got an early start with the artificial base and will add all of the fresh stuff next week. We also finished the kitchen. Woo hoo. I’m bushed but it’s a good, happy tired.

The horses all came up to speak.

The barn had its party face on.

I seriously thought it was going to snow all day. How fun would that have been!

just beautiful

Even the trees have on their sweaters.

Don’t you love these cool pumpkins we get these days… didn’t have those when I was a kid.

Feazy the Pheasant decided he didn’t want to roost in the top of the tree this year so he flew down and landed on the mantle.

Next time I go down we WILL have a cracklin fire in that fireplace. We are ready! 🙂

Happy Friday! We are going to see our first Christmas play tonight… can’t wait.

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