It’s All About Proportion

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It’s All About Proportion

In a former post I asked you to notice the header above the doorway leading into the stair hall.

Here is the picture.

Even though the ceilings in this residence are a generous 12′  having a horizontal bar blocking the visual line into the stairwell made you feel like you needed to duck. We made the decision to remove it, lower the top of the opening by one board so that it lined up with the top of the door frames and trim it out as a cased opening.


It was a simple, inexpensive change but what an impact.

Suddenly the opening feels grand and welcoming.

It’s little things like this that a professional designer brings to the project.

 If you missed the last post click  (here) to find the rules for how to sign up for our give away. The drawing will be held at the end of this month.


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