It’s Moving Time!

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It’s Moving Time!

 Woo Hoo! One last trip to market to check on all the merchandise that is arriving for the Watercolor move-in and we are ready to hit the road. 

 This is what market looks like when it’s not market time. We were here to inspect some new pieces that just came “off the boat” and to visit with the artisans who were building some custom pieces for me. It was HOT and humid but mission accomplished!

 A week or two later and this is what my shop looked like!

I think we are just about full don’t you?! In a soon coming post we will address how a designer can save your project when the un-thinkable happens.

Let the fun begin!

Protecting the headboard with shrink-wrap.

 This was one of the many custom pieces made for this job.

The truck is loaded. The van is loaded. WE’RE OFF!!!

Part II (the move-in) and Part III ( the reveal) coming SOON!

If you want to say, “That was fun!” at then end of your project contact me at


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