New Products That I Can’t Wait To Try

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New Products That I Can’t Wait To Try

Hi there! Did you think I got lost? I sort of did. We are in move-in mode for some folks and starting on some very exciting new projects so it’s been an “on the road again” kindda month. No complaints here!

As part of my catch up mode with you I wanted to share some new products that have been introduced to the market by my friend Amy Howard. Team Amy make an incredible line of furniture and they are known for their finishes. Amy actually moved to Italy and studied under the best in the industry to learn how to do these incredible techniques.

I took one of her classes on water gilding a few years ago and told her in a very loud voice in the middle of class that “I will NEVER again question your prices. This is stinkin hard!” LOL  I worked for the better part of a day painting, glazing, gilding, waxing etc a tiny little piece of wood literally about 3″ x 4″. I can’t imagine the hours that go into a bed.

Anyways, I digress, Amy and husband Gene have formulated and introduced to the market a line of products that simplify the process for many of our favorite finishes and I wanted to share them with you.

First up is their ONE STEP that’s give the look of a waxed, chalk painted finish over old wood but with almost no prep and in one step.

Forever Design BlogNow that’s my kind of product!

As you can see if comes in many lush colors.

Second up, ZINC MAKER

Forever Design Blog

Make dressers, countertops etc look like zinc with this spray on product.

How about planters? Now you’re talkin’.

Forever Design Blog

For the really industrious there is the aforementioned gesso and gild kit… no thanks.

Forever Design Blog

But the one I am soooooooooooooo exited about is this:

Forever Design Blog

For the first time ever I can request an antiqued mirror without exposing my peeps to toxic acid. And it looks great!

No, it’s not one of those awful (read, doesn’t work) spray it on the front of the mirror things.

They simply worked with chemists until they figured it out and I am so happy.

Look out world! Here I come.

Forever Design Blog

To get more information on these products or to order go to


Amy Howard Home.

click on the rescue, restore, redecorate button.

Send me pics if you try any of them!

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