Quaff This Furniture

Quaff This Furniture

Have you seen the beautifully crafted furniture pieces that are out now made from Tennessee Whiskey barrels?

While there is nothing new about barrel furniture I have never before pointed to it and said,

“that’s good”.

Barrelly Made It cindy barganier

According to Luxe Living ,” craft whiskey barrels can be used only once, as specified by law. After this use, most of the used barrels are sold to distilleries in Scotland and Ireland for maturation of their whiskies. In America, the barrels are generally used between three and eight years. Across the pond, they are used to age the spirit for three to upwards of forty years. “


The name is the first thing that I loved. The letters stand for

Barrelly Made It.

 I think that’s cute.

 Creative Director Gustaf Anders Rooth from San Diego is a transplanted Swedish designer and Master Craftsman. Rooth creates pieces using every component of the barrel including the heads (ends) and steel bands.

The pieces have a certain “couture” feel to them to me.

whiskey barrell furniture cindy barganeir

Even their seals of authenticity are perfect.

For more information on this neat company contact:
Planet Rooth Design Haus
3334 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

If you would like to say, “That was fun!” at the end of your project contact me at:www.cindybarganier.com.

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