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Tuscan Gardens In Alabama

As promised, here are the Tuscan gardens created by Mark Montoya behind the Montgomery, Alabama firestation. If you missed part one on the artist go here. If you missed part two on the station converted into a home go here. NOW, we are all caught up and continue this journey to the heart of Italian alfresco dining spots without ever leaving our fair city. Walking...

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Early 20th Century Firehouse Now Enchanting Home

If you missed part I of this post go here to read about the genius minds behind this renovation. Today it is my privilege to take you on a house tour of the old South McDonough Street Firehouse that has been loving converted into a jaw dropping home. David Keith Braly is the architectural brain and Mark Montoya is the creator of the...

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Meet David Braly and Mark Montoya

I have admired the work of David Keith Braly for years. David is yet another amazing artist who hails from Florence, Alabama.  Florence, what do you add to your water??? David received his undergraduate from Auburn in 1979 and taught in the school of architecture. Five years later he began painting. It is the architectural element in his paintings that makes me love...

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